The New Music Entrepreneur | Small Business Trends

5 03 2010

The New Music Entrepreneur | Small Business Trends.

This article states some very pertinent trends in the music industry.  I’ve been thinking for quite a while after studying P2P services and how they are affecting the industry that the recording industry would change dramatically or simply keel over and die.

Music entrepreneurship and people with innovative ideas are what the music industry needs now.  No more are the days where the musician feels that in order to “make it big” he needs to sign a 30 page contract to some record label, there are completely independent bands that have sold 300,000 albums in the course of three years with no distributors and no record label.  (See: for more on that.)

Everything is moving online, and moving to the individual people.  Home based businesses, small businesses, start-ups seem to be more and more common and the music industry is going the same way as the rest of the corporate world.  Independent artists are becoming independent entrepreneurs as well.