This is a blog about business and entrepreneurship within the music industry.

The music industry is changing a great deal.  Since the advent of P2P networks and the vast growth of the internet in general record labels have been steadily becoming less important to artists, and virtually everyone can own and run their own basic recording studio.  More and more artists are beginning to ask “why do we need a record label?”, or are saying “I can do that on my own!”

The internet has opened up great opportunities for independent artists but it seems to be closing certain doors for corporations and companies.  There are some who are innovating in the industry, but in the end the possibilities of where the industry can go or where it’s going now are yet to be defined.

This blog is my journey to define where the industry is going, and how can it be changed for the better.

I hope that all will follow along, and that everyone will feel free to add their comments and ideas.  I realize that I am not an all-knowing blogger, so I would invite all to add their wisdom and knowledge and help anyone who is reading to understand the industry better.


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