It’s all been done before

17 03 2010

It’s a pretty common occurrence, lightning strikes your mind, you get an epiphany.  As you lay in bed late at night, as sometimes I do, writing feverishly so that the “inspiration” doesn’t leave.  And then it happens, you wake up the next morning and start researching this new idea that you had only to find out that it’s all been done before.  Turns out this novel idea wasn’t as novel as you originally thought and it’s going to either take a lot of work to pull it off, or you’re just going to have to throw it all away and wait for the next “big” idea.

At this point in my entrepreneurial endeavors I’ve come up with quite a few ideas, some of them really exciting.  But I’ve found with much research comes much disappointment.  The more I look into these ideas that I keep on having the more I realize that, while the internet has leveled the playing field and anyone can start business nowadays, it has also made it difficult to find any kind of niche in a market that isn’t already being exploited.

This of course isn’t too much of a disappointment of course.  After all if there’s something that I really want to do, or some business I want to start, so long as I can create something that is better than what is currently on the market then I should be alright.

Suffice it to say, I love getting the ideas and will continue to chase after the dream of starting and owning a successful company, but as of now success is an elusive dream, kind of like sleep on those nights when inspiration strikes and one must write.




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