Behind the times

12 03 2010

I had another interesting conversation with a friend yesterday about music and business.

He’s one of those guys who’s pretty hip as to business things.  We’re both in the same music business class, he’s been in the media music degree and I’ve been working on a general music degree, but we both have similar things to say about the educational programs of today.

Some music programs are starting to realize that entrepreneurship and business skills are necessary to musicians today.  Berklee has instituted an Entrepreneurship in music class, other universities have music production degrees, but only really the very expensive, top tier schools are cutting edge and have these types of programs.

This skills are becoming necessary in our world today.  Musicians need to know how the music industry works today, not how it used to work.  Most of the music business class that me and my friend are in focuses on how the music industry was, and how it used to work.  It doesn’t bring to light many of the changes that are happening right now.  Now independent musicians have more power, more capabilities, more options, and professors and teachers need to keep up with what’s going on.

I understand that performance and education majors don’t need this type of knowledge as much because they need to study a great deal of classical music, jazz, older styles of music to understand it all from the beginning, but if musicians aren’t being taught how things are changing and aren’t presented proven methods to market their music and make a living, then the education isn’t really preparing anyone for a real life career in the music industry.

I honestly think that every music school and program should create some kind of music business or music production degree.  Something that will open musicians eyes to the possibilities and empower them to have prosperous careers with the tools available and the tools that they are capable of creating.

Thoughts and comments?

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